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Optical ground wires (OPGW) and optical cables Print E-mail
Kombinované zemné laná a optické káble

Optical fibers are fast and reliable in transferring large amounts of information - they represent a dynamically developing field of information technology and telecommunication services. Their applications cover a wide range of subjects in the energy, telecommunications and information technology sectors. The technical details and the respective types are specified in detail in the catalog sheets of optical fibers.

No matter if you need products from a broad spectrum of standard optical cables or you have specific requirements to meet, we provide full service to our customers, along with the delivery of optical cables, including any accessories.

In our sales activities, we focus on deliveries of optical ground wires and their accessories (fixtures, connection boxes, installation kits, specialized tools, etc.) for the energy industry. Within the power transmission system and the individual electrical substations, these ground wires serve as a lightning protection of high voltage and very high voltage equipment.

The optical fibers allow these wires to be used for data transfer within the power transmission and distribution system; this, in turn, allows remote controlling of the devices of the electrical substations and gathering the data provided by the current transformers. The data transmission capacity may also be rented to third parties (mobile communication companies, cable TV operators, etc.).

We tailor the optical ground wires and their accessories to our customers, in accordance with the relevant technical standards, technical conditions, as well as the possibilities and needs of the investors.


OPGW constructions, types, designs


KZL z legovaného hliníkaAlloy aluminum OPGW

alloy aluminum optical ground wire with the optical fibers placed in one or more stainless steel tubes, beyond the center of the cable.



KZL z legovaného hliníka a ACSAlloy aluminum and ACS OPGW

alloy aluminum and aluminum coated steel (ACS) strand ground wires, with the optical fibers placed in a stainless steel tube, beyond the center of the cable


Design CentroCentro design

Optical ground wires with the optical fibers placed in a central stainless steel tube

The stainless steel tube may contain up to 48 optical fibers, in the core of the cable. The outer layers are implemented as a combination of aluminum wires, AL3 alloy aluminum wires and aluminum coated steel (ACS) wires. In some cases it is appropriate to use wires made of high-strength steel.



Applications and technical requirements

Optical ground wires for high voltage and very high voltage overhead lines

Temperature ranges

Operating temperature: -40 ... +80 ° C
Storage temperature: -40 ... +80 ° C
Installation temperature: -5 ° ... +50 ° C


  • EN 50182 - Conductors for overhead lines.
  • IEC 60794 - Optical fiber cables